Thursday, February 10, 2011

Abhinav directs Salman Khan's Dabangg sequel?

Abhinav directs Salman Khan's Dabangg sequel?: Abhinav Kashyap may not have burnt his bridges with the Khan brothers after all. According to well-placed sources, the director behind 2010's monster hit is back in favour with Salman and is all set to direct the much-touted sequel to Dabangg.

A source close to Salman says, "Abhinav is a good director, but the success of the film may have gone to his head. However, the fallout is a thing of the past and it will only be fitting if Abhinav directs the sequel."

According to reports Kashyap rubbed a lot of people the wrong way post the success of his debut film. He demanded more than Rs 10 crore from Eros International while negotiating for a film which did not materialise for obvious reasons.

Kashyap next had a meeting with PVR Pictures. There too he demanded something between Rs 15 and 18 crore. Mumbai Mirror had reported this on Oct 28, 2010.

"When Salman learnt about Kashyap's pricey ways, he responded with putting him off his radar," adds the source. We broke the story of Kashyap's fallout with Salman on November 10, 2010.

While it is not clear what brought about the sudden change of heart, Salman seems more favourably inclined towards the director of one of his career-defining films.

"We have Kashyap's dates in place, which were finalised only last week," says the source, adding, "Both Salman and Arbaaz love Abhinav. Let's not get into what went wrong, but look forward to a killer sequel."

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