Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Salman Khan plays a lead role in 'No Entry Mein Entry'

Salman Khan plays a lead role in 'No Entry Mein Entry': Producer Boney Kapoor and director Anees Bazmee have revamped the sequel to No Entry. The film will now have Salman Khan hogging the limelight.

Remember how in large chunks of No Entry, Salman disappeared from the screen and was seen intermittently throughout the film. Truth is, Salman’s role in the comedy was just an extended cameo that the actor did for free because Boney Kapoor was going through financial crunch those days.

And now that Salman has again cemented his position as the star who pulls crowds to theatres, Bazmee and Kapoor have scrapped the script of the No Entry sequel and are now coming up with No Entry Mein Entry that will have Salman in the lead role.

Does that mean that the other stars, namely Anil Kapoor and Fardeen Khan will be sidelined? Well, almost so.

Bazmee is penning the script keeping in mind Salman’s huge fan following that loves to see the star playing larger than life characters.

“His fans will be delighted with his role in the film,” Bazmee promises.

We’re sure of that.

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