Monday, February 7, 2011

Yana Gupta refuses costume design for her stage performance

Yana Gupta refuses costume design for her stage performance: Yana Gupta, the self-proclaimed ‘no-panty girl’, is in the news again; this time for refusing to wear a costume designed for her stage performance.

From what we hear, Yana was roped in to do a dance performance at a function in Delhi. The function, to be held on Feb 7, is to honour women. But just a day before leaving for Delhi, Yana refused to wear the costume designed for her by a designer hired by the show’s organizers.

The organizers say that Yana threw tantrums at the last minute and demanded to hire a personal costume designer and asked them to shell out money for it. Gupta reportedly demanded Rs. 40,000 for the designer and more Rs. 20,000 for her personal staff.

Irked by Yana’s tantrum, the organizers booted her out and roped in TV actress Jasvir Kaur to perform in her place.

Yana’s spokesperson, however, claims that the actress acted professionally and wanted to sort out the matter but the organizers promptly replaced her with another performer.

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