Monday, February 7, 2011

Caterina Lopez: Dancing on Bollywood item number isn't easy:

Caterina Lopez: Dancing on Bollywood item number isn't easy: : To someone used to shaking a leg to the beat of western music, dancing to the Bollywood tune and doing the quintessentially desi jhatkas of patli kamar took some getting used to. But Caterina Lopez did get the hang of a Bollywood item song.

Out of the blue, Caterina has hit the headlines for her raunchy item in director Ankush Bhatt’s film Bhindi Bazaar Inc. She claims to be a cousin sister of Jennifer Lopez but prefers not to talk about her relationship with the Hollywood star.

What she’s talking about rather is her experience of doing a Bollywood item.

“It was not easy learning the whole Bollywood style of dancing because it's very different. It's a different ball game altogether. Learning the song was also very tough but once I got a hang of it, it became better. Honestly I think I did a good job,” Caterina is quoted as saying by a news agency.

Now, Caterina is eyeing a career in Bollywood and is planning to learn Hindi soon.

“I'm still struggling with the language. Here and there I've learned a few words, but I'm definitely planning to get a teacher and learn Hindi completely,” she added.

If good offers come her way, Caterina says she might even make Mumbai her second home.

She’s most welcome.

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