Friday, January 28, 2011

Amrita Rao's next film with 'kinky' ideas

Amrita Rao's next film with 'kinky' ideas: So, you thought the sweet Ms. Amrita Rao was an innocent, girl-next-door, huh? Well, what we're going to tell you now will make you rethink.

This gal has gone from sweet, to bold, to kinky. Yeah, believe it or not...she revealed it all. Recently, while talking to zoOm about her next film with the Barjatyas, she said that the film was kinky. Of course, our jaw dropped with shock, and we asked Amrita what was so kinky about the film? She quickly explained, "It's a sweet, cute story." Hmnnn...we can't say the same thing about your faux pas, gal.

We think the Barjatyas - known for their traditional family dramas - are already getting a panic attack on reading this. And her co-star, the sweet Tusshar Kapoor, must be wondering if was a better idea to go mute for a role, than romance the lovely Ms.Rao on-screen. Well, we know sex sells, but kinky...we're not so sure yet, gal. And we do like you looking cute, sexy and hmnn....don't worry, we aren't getting kinky ideas already. Lol!

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