Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Income Tax officers finds Shahid Kapoor in Priyanka Chopra's home

Income Tax officers finds Shahid Kapoor in Priyanka Chopra's home: Income Tax officers, who went to raid Priyanka Chopra's home yesterday morning, were in for a surprise when they were greeted by Shahid Kapoor clad only in his shorts.

"If I woke up as Priyanka Chopra one day, I would wonder what I was doing in Shahid Kapoor's bedroom and then walk over to my flat in the next wing," actor Shahid Kapoor had famously said on a popular chat show barely a month ago. Little did he know that the statement would come back to bite him.

For a moment, they thought they had knocked the wrong door. Apparently, Shahid left the house soon after.

"Shahid was at Priyanka's house, but he didn't open the door. She has servants, so why would he open the door? Shahid had spent the night at Priyanka's place and she had come from walking the ramp at a fashion show for Shabana Azmi. The two are trying to spend as much time together before Priyanka starts the promotions for her movie Saat Khoon Maaf," said a source close to Shahid.

"Shocked as we were, we knew we had a raid to carry out and that's precisely what we did. It was meant to be a swift operation and security personnel in the building were not given a chance to warn the actor that we were on the way up," said an I-T official.

Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor were unavailable for comment.

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