Friday, January 28, 2011

Priyanka Chopra forget her dialogues during shooting but why?

Priyanka Chopra forget her dialogues during shooting but why?: Priyanka Chopra was awe-struck by this man and he made her forget even her dialogues. His presence spellbinds the actress.

Who is he? His name doesn’t starts with ‘S’ guys! While shooting for 7 Khoon Maaf, Priyanka got the chance to work with the extremely talented Naseeruddin Shah whom she finds a tremendous actor. Naseer plays one of the husbands of Priyanka in the film and together they are shown doing some naughty scenes too.

Before starting work with him, Priyanka also had to do a workshop with the actor. “When I did the workshop, it kind of eased me out with Naseer sir but it’s very difficult to work with him because when he is doing a scene, he is so good that you just keep looking at him, and I used to forget that even I have to say a dialogue,” admits PC without any hesitation.

This was a learning experience for the actress who has come a long way in the industry and with 7 Khoon Maaf once again she will prove her acting prowess.

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