Saturday, January 1, 2011

'Bhoot and Friends' Review - Jackie Shroff playing as Ghost

'Bhoot and Friends' Review - Jackie Shroff playing as Ghost: Guess what’s the easiest formula to whip out an adventure kiddie flick? First and foremost, put a bunch of bachcha log on the hunt for a missing treasure. Opposite them pitch a bunch of bumbling goons, after the same treasure. Now, the bachcha log is surely going to need a saviour. Abracadabra! Lo and behold a friendly bhoot to the little one’s rescue.

Director Kittu Saluja’s film Bhoot and Friends boasts of such stock characters in stock situations.

Raghav (Makrand Soni) and his friends go on a holiday to his grandma’s. There they befriend a ghost (Jackie Shroff) and set forth in search of a treasure. There’s also the evil baddie (Ashwin Mushran) who leads a pack of goofy goons to find the same treasure.

There’s obviously a showdown between the kids and the goons, but the little one’s outfox and outmuscle the baddies, but not without a little help from their friend, the bhoot. Jackie Shroff looks jaded playing the turbaned ghost whose magic tricks are not really jaw-dropping.

Still credit to director Kittu Saluja for some interesting sequences before the climax. The back-story is a bit of a let-down, but the performances by the kids (Makrand, Ishita, Aakash) make Bhoot and Friends a wee bit interesting. Otherwise, for the most part, this bhoot is a big bore.

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