Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kiran Rao interview: Aamir do not take bath regularly

Kiran Rao interview: Aamir do not take bath regularly: Now that's a disadvantage of having a celebrity wife. Dhobi Ghat director Kiran Rao leaked Aamir Khan's best kept secret in one of the interviews.

In an interview to Live India, Kiran Rao said, “The one thing that I don’t like about him is the fact that he doesn’t take a bath. And trust me when I say this that his bathing habits are not very regular.” To this the actor jumped in to his rescue and said, “I do take bath when I go out for work.

And considering most of the time I step out for work, I take bath most of the time. It is only when I am not stepping out or when I am on a holiday when I don’t take a bath.”

But Kiran is relieved with the fact that she has someone in the house that she can count on to understand her in and out. “We are really happy together. We are both strong minded people but till now we haven’t faced any problem and it has been six years so far. We are more of friends, so we collaborate our ideas. There are no ego clashes; in fact it is purely enriching to be with each other.”

Kiran Rao admits that she puts across certain points firmly when she's directing a movie, and Aamir is acting. “I do tell him that I am doing a certain thing because I am the director of the movie.” To this Aamir added smiling, “And I give her a suggesting and say that I am the actor of the movie.”

When quizzed about the recent patch-up wave in the industry (SRK and Farah patching up), this is what the couple had to say. “See I don’t have any grudges against anyone in the industry. So I really don’t want to comment,” says Aamir. Adding final twist to the tale was Kiran’s answer to the same question, “I am so new to the industry that I am really no one to comment on this. But I must confess that sometimes what SRK says makes no sense to me.”

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