Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Manisha Koirala to save her marriage

Manisha Koirala to save her marriage: In the new year, actress Manisha Koirala is set to make a fresh start to her not-so-smooth marriage with hubby Samrat Dahal.

The lady got married last year after a string of failed relationships, mostly with foreigners. But when she married the Nepalese businessman Samrat Dahal, she looked so happy that it appeared she had finally found her man. Didn’t turn out so, for in November she posted a message on her facebook page that indicated that not all was well in her marriage.

Things came to a head when she arrived in Mumbai and didn’t return to her hubby’s home in Nepal.

Now, reports say Manisha has been counselled by her friends and well-wishers to return to Samrat. They told her that every marriage has its share of ups and downs and needs adjustments from both the husband and wife.

As a result, Manisha is now ready to give her marriage a second chance and return to Samrat in Nepal.

We wish her all the best.

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