Saturday, January 15, 2011

Salman Khan not excite to get awards anymore?

Salman Khan not excite to get awards anymore?: An actor awaits the moment when he can bag the best actor trophy and deliver an award acceptance speech that evokes thunderous applause. But not Salman Khan.

In the last few days the superstar has been sweeping Best Actor awards for his performance in Dabangg.

First, he won the Star Screen Award, followed by the Apsara Award. But guess what? He did not go on stage to accept any of these awards personally, even though he came to the show, recorded his dance performance, and went back as soon as his job was done.

Enough to lead one to a conclusion that perhaps Salman bhai isn’t excited about winning the awards anymore. His good friend Aamir Khan already mocks these award shows as sham and boycotts them all without exception.

Now, is Salman beginning to feel the same?

What will happen to the award shows if he indeed has.

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