Saturday, January 8, 2011

Salman Khan to tease Katrina Kaif again?

Salman Khan to tease Katrina Kaif again?: Dabangg star Salman Khan is always in his naughty and jolly form and he maintained the same at the 17th Annual Star Screen Awards. Even though much have been said and written about this couple, nothing could spoil their affection for each other. They might not be love birds now but they still love each other.
Katrina became again the target of Salman’s teasing! After finishing her performance at the event, Katrina was approaching towards her van to relax. Salman was sitting at his vanity van, which was parked beside her van. So, Salman called her up to sit with him. The lady obeyed and Salman welcomed her with a warm hug and a kiss on forehead. They had little chit chat and then Katrina was going towards her van to change.

The twist of the story comes now when Salman suddenly yells saying, ‘abhi kiske saath hai tu?’ This definitely changed the face expression of Katrina and she turned around to rebuke Sallu. But the ever naughty Salman changed his gesture towards Kat’s bodyguard making it look like as if he was asking the question to that man. He again asked the same question to the bodyguard with a huge smile on face.

Well, Katrina might have understood by this time that she will have to manage with such public teasing throughout her life!

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