Thursday, February 3, 2011

Salman Khan On Twitter: ‘Bollywood’ Koi Naam Hai Kya? Disgusting

Salman Khan On Twitter: ‘Bollywood’ Koi Naam Hai Kya? Disgusting: Indian film industry is known all over the world as ‘Bollywood’, but Salman Khan has a deep hatred for this name.
Often one hears Amitabh Bachchan crib about the name given to our film industry. According to him, the name Bollywood makes the Hindi film industry sound like a poor imitator of Hollywood. It’s a derogatory name, according to Big B.

Salman Khan doesn’t feel any different.

“Hate this bloody name, Bollywood. Koi naam hai kya? Disgusting,” Khan tweeted.

But Khan’s dislike for ‘Bollywood’ may not change things much as the name has already found a place even in the Oxford dictionary.

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